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Cancer in the United States

1,762,450 new cancer cases estimated for 2019 1

1 in 2 men and
1 in 3 women
will develop Cancer in their lifetime 2

3 new cases of cancer and one death every minute 3

The leading cause of death since 20114

Mapa de Florida

Florida is the second state nationwide with the most cases of cancer 5

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Successfully battling cancer starts with preparedness

This insurance product can help you cover expensive treatment costs incurred after you're diagnosed with cancer.

This policy pays benefits directly to you, instead of paying the hospital or the health care provider facility.

Some of the expenses covered as policy benefits may include initial diagnostic tests, daily hospitalization benefits, surgery, medications, intensive care, and more.

It is an affordable plan that will help you cover expenses and mitigate the financial impact on your home, protecting your personal and family finances in case of a diagnosis:

  • It supplements your health plan by paying funds for eligible claims to help cover treatment copayments and deductibles.

We will issue a single payment for the total policy amount, upon receipt of the pathology report with the initial cancer diagnosis, after 90 days from the date the policy comes into effect or is reinstated. This benefit will only be paid once within a member's lifetime. Skin cancer is excluded, except for malignant melanoma.


Options from $5,000 a $50,000 with a 90-day waiting period, as per the effective date policy.

The policy is designed to provide financial protection in case of death, dismemberment, and hospitalization due to an accident, as well as treatment and hospital services for organ transplants.

Accidental death, dismemberment, and hospitalization due to an accident.

The accidental dismemberment benefit is awarded if, due to an accident, the member suffers any of the losses described below, and we will compensate the member for the corresponding loss upon receiving proof that:

  1. The loss was due to a bodily injury that was directly and exclusively caused by external, violent and accidental circumstances.
  2. The injury happened while the member was insured, and the loss happened or began:
  • Within ninety (90) days after the Accident, if it entails a loss of life or dismemberment.
  • Within sixty (60) days after the Accident, if it entails hospitalization.

Treatment and hospital health services for organ transplants.

The policy includes organ transplants, or the surgical process to transfer, from someone else to the Member, any of the following organs: bone marrow, heart, liver, kidney, lung, pancreas, intestine, and cornea; at a hospital or medical center equipped to conduct such transplant procedures.

Why Choose Triple-S Vida?

Triple-S Vida gives you a support network for your peace of mind. You will have the service of excellence and all the help you need from day one.

Triple-S Vida members by the numbers

Learn how our members have benefited from our insurance policies to help cover their treatment costs:

$150 Million

has been paid out in benefits from our cancer policies over the last 5 years.

Triple-S Vida has helped

123 Thousand

people in their battle against cancer.


About Triple-S Vida

In order to provide you with a better service, especially in Florida, we have established partnerships with companies with extensive experience in the health sector, such as 4 Ever Life.

Triple-S Vida

Triple-S Vida has been a leader in the life insurance market for over 54 years, featuring a product line that includes life insurance, cancer insurance, funeral insurance, as well as annuities. Triple-S Vida is part of Grupo Triple-S, established leader in the insurance industry in Puerto Rico and, since 2007, public company that trades shares in the New York Stock Exchange market under the symbol GTS.


This company, with over 60 years of experience protecting the well-being of thousands, enjoys an "A-" classification (Excellent) from A.M. Best, and holds a license to provide health care and life solutions in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia. Policies issued by 4 Ever Life Insurance Company, Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois.


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